Positioning and Strategy
Combining industry research and in-depth observation with industry know-how we will help you to stand out in a s e a of competitors and expand your customer base.

Logo and Identity Design
A distinctive use of symbology, color, texture, and typography creates a memorable persona and proprietary visual portfolio that you’ll l o v e to use and others will love to see.

Website/Advertising/Print Materials
Maximize your presence on the web, provide quality printed materials and efficiently use advertising dollars to target your m e s s a g e to the right audience with style & significance.

Public Relations/Reservations Systems/Sales
We can introduce you to our network
of related consultants and service providers to insure
an integrated and seamless approach to your success.

From Frugal to Fabulous

Richard Branson’s Legendary Necker Island
Firelight Expedition’s African Safari Adventures
Sanctuare - Quintessential Hideaways
Daniel’s Head - Eco Adventure in Bermuda
David Copperfield’s Magical Musha Cay
Cambridge Beaches Bermudian Resort Luxe
Moxie Yacht Producing a new generation of wind powered Multi-hulls
Qantas Vacations Tour Packages Downunder
Windmills Plantation a bit of whimsy in the Turks
Freschauf & Company representing select hotels and resorts
Hacienda Cabo Velas 1700 acres of private Costa Rican beauty
Historic Adirondack Great Camp at Lake Kora

We would love to hear about your property or
service and find out what we can do for you.

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